Sunday, February 25, 2007

An Interesting Chat Session….

She: hello abilash, whr r u?
me : i'm in tvm
She: ok, tvm evide?
me : tvm evideyokke ariyum?
She: all place ariyallo
me : I'm in Statue now, r u from tvm?
She: statue?
me : ya, pulimood
She: ok, pulimood ariyam
me : whr r u?
hello.... do u have a yahoo ID?
I prefer yahoo to chat...
She: but i dont like that
me : k
She: actually l hate chatting
i dont like it
but ur heading me
so am replying to u
thats all
i thnk ur busy
am also
me : ok.... But I like to chat with my friends and like to make more friends
through chating...well, I'm not going to HEAD you anymore...
She: let me go
ok thats nice abhilash
i thnk chatting is cheating..
i just feel so
thats why i hate chating
am not blaming u
me : But it's against MY experiance, because I got sincere friends online...
She: oh!!..good
but my experience is different
me : that's why, views says to be depends....
She: may be
but i like firendship..
me : which kind of? those from early childhood.... from kindergarten?
She: nice joking..
yes all kind off
me : thats good
She: thanx
me : no mention
She: okey, then
me : then... bye... what else... after all u don't like to chat, and there's no
other means of communications available now
She: dont misunderstand me sbilash
me : Not misunderstanding u ********** ********* (Replaced)
She: wowww!! thats nice i like dis
keep it up
me : Oki.... glad to hear that u like that, well, i'll keep it up with my yahoo
buddies [;)]
She: ok

Well, my friends… What do you thinking of chatting? Cheating?

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