Friday, May 25, 2007

India through Orkut in Bombay.
A girl and a guy met in orkut. Usual stuff. They talked with each other, became trusted friends. But ... that's not all. She was found dead in the hotel room.
The guy killed her. (Scroll Down To View The News in CNN IBN)
CNN Screenshot

Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Epitaph

This is another story I wrote when I was in 12th. Found it from the same old notebook.

These red and white flowers caused to germinate from them, and the first drop of water was her tears. They have to tell a story related me.

It begins in a shiny day, I was in a railway station waiting for my train to my home town. The train was too late and men and women were so impatient. At last the train reached the station and the crowd rushed towards it. There had no space for a pin point in the train. I thought for a movement that the luck was with me, because I found a seat there. I rushed towards but just then an umbrella –an extraordinary one, white cloth with red flowers– placed my seat and a skirt usurped it. It was a long journey about seven hours, so I began to imagine the age and beauty of that lady, just to prevent my boredom. 'To imagine', because I couldn’t see her face, as the crowd rushed me into the darkness.

After that I came across the same umbrella several times, but I could not see the possessor. Every time when I saw it, there will be some losses to me. But infect, I was always searching for the same. The week and months were displaced for years. That was a rainy day. The city was so disturbed with the crowd. Because of the an unexpected rain, people and vehicles were impatiently rushed towards their destinations. I had to cross the road but I got wondered for a movement for, I saw the same umbrella among the crowd. It was rushing towards me as if she was longing to reach me, and I tried my best to trace her face out and.......Oh! Ohh... Sorry!! I can't tell anything more, because a vehicle, I think it was a bus, ran over me. But no one noticed it. Even I got it to know from an evening news paper.

At last she came to visit me once, with a handful of white and red flowers. She scattered it on my tomb and the tears rolled over her cheeks and drop on the flowers… Then I could saw her first time. She was beautiful! Very beautiful...!!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Evil Spirit
This is not a new story. I wrote it when I was in my 12th. Today I found it from an old notebook of that time…

It was a cold and dark night; I was in a cemetery to pilfer something to earn my livelihood. You may think that what has to steal from a cemetery. But even dead-bodies are highly demanded in nether world. The waiting went on until the clock tower uttered for one O'clock. Then I left the vault, which I had used as a covert room. Actually I wasn't free from fear and expected for a snarl on every step. Because of the cold zephyr and the silence, there had been a peculiar sequestration. There had no other sound but my footsteps.

The cemetery was situated in the heart of the city, and there have a Bank building on the other side of the cemetery wall. Between the Bank and cemetery, there had a crucifix also. I walked towards it to pray as usual. Then my sixth sense told me there is happening something peculiar. I looked around and could find out that there is a man trying to climb through the pipeline of the Bank building. I halt there. He was going higher to higher. I got anxious and couldn't even to wink.

Now he is on the twelfth floor and only a few steps to the top. But the fortune wouldn't be always with the thieves. By a false step, he began to fall down fast and fast than anybody can imagine. I expected for a cry, but I couldn't hear even a groan. The only one sound I have heard was like falling a heavy sack.

I cramped for a movement and walked slowly towards the bank and jumped out of the wall and approached the dead body, washed with the blood. I sat there and scrutinized it with my trembling hand and tremulous soul. I could find out the man was no more. I shuddered and panted with fear. I took a long breath to get comfortable and at last I could take a decision. I took the body on my shoulder and walked towards my shelter with praising the kindness of God, for the unexpected fortune, which came through without having any effort.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Some Orkut Communities…

How deep a teacher could influence their children? How much they could be special to his / her students? Look at these Screenshots of some Orkut Communities…