Friday, May 18, 2007

The Evil Spirit
This is not a new story. I wrote it when I was in my 12th. Today I found it from an old notebook of that time…

It was a cold and dark night; I was in a cemetery to pilfer something to earn my livelihood. You may think that what has to steal from a cemetery. But even dead-bodies are highly demanded in nether world. The waiting went on until the clock tower uttered for one O'clock. Then I left the vault, which I had used as a covert room. Actually I wasn't free from fear and expected for a snarl on every step. Because of the cold zephyr and the silence, there had been a peculiar sequestration. There had no other sound but my footsteps.

The cemetery was situated in the heart of the city, and there have a Bank building on the other side of the cemetery wall. Between the Bank and cemetery, there had a crucifix also. I walked towards it to pray as usual. Then my sixth sense told me there is happening something peculiar. I looked around and could find out that there is a man trying to climb through the pipeline of the Bank building. I halt there. He was going higher to higher. I got anxious and couldn't even to wink.

Now he is on the twelfth floor and only a few steps to the top. But the fortune wouldn't be always with the thieves. By a false step, he began to fall down fast and fast than anybody can imagine. I expected for a cry, but I couldn't hear even a groan. The only one sound I have heard was like falling a heavy sack.

I cramped for a movement and walked slowly towards the bank and jumped out of the wall and approached the dead body, washed with the blood. I sat there and scrutinized it with my trembling hand and tremulous soul. I could find out the man was no more. I shuddered and panted with fear. I took a long breath to get comfortable and at last I could take a decision. I took the body on my shoulder and walked towards my shelter with praising the kindness of God, for the unexpected fortune, which came through without having any effort.

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hey abhi,u wrote it wen u were in 12th right?hmm......u'hve a pretty gud vocabulary.u hve a gud imaginative skill and wordstock,then why dont u write poems in english?
u can do it man,and they will be much much better than my little poems,i'm sure.....