Thursday, March 16, 2006

The increasing number of street dogs in Indian Cities.

I would like to invite your attention towards a major problem that has been faced by almost all Indian cities, that is nothing but the increase in the population of street dogs. I would like to point out four things, firstly, the reasons of increasing population, secondly, the dangers behind street dogs, thirdly, the fundamental fights of street dogs as well as human beings.

The main reason for the boom in number of street dogs is nothing but the protection they are enjoying from animal lovers. In the past years the Government or Corporation was able to kill the roaming dogs to protect general public. But now a days they are well protected by associations. If any of the dogs hurts by anyone -even if it is a person or Government authority- the association come into seen and reacting. This is admirable for an extent, as they have also fundamental rights to live and survive, but it would be better to consider the public security also.

Most probably these dogs seems to be harmless, but in late nights they become violent and attack the people. A major part of these dogs are infected with various epidemic deceases and if they carry viruses such as Rabies the situation should be very dangerous.

The two wheeler drivers and pedestrians are more suffering from them. It is very common that some dogs bark towards the pedestrians or follow them. If a two-wheeler caused to ran over a dog, injury to the driver would be very serious and it will also very pathetic to see a street dog carrying a broken leg or a smelling wound and getting no medical support to them.

As I mentioned above, being a living thing, they have also have their rights to survive. To kill the street dogs is not a solution, instead there should be a considerable atmosphere produced for them to live. In Trivandrum city, the corporation took a different step to tackle the problem. The corporation dog catching team catches the roaming dogs streetwise and gets them to the nearest veterinary hospital where they went through a surgery to prevent further reproduction and give them anti-rabies vaccines. After curing their wounds, they get them back to the same place where from they caught. I think, it would be a better step to prevent the problem and if the Government or associations could look after these dogs for their life left instead of getting them back, it will be a better move. But as it demands a lot of money, a local Government could not handle it. There is the role of animal lovers and rescue associations lies. Instead of mere street speeches if they could come forward to help the Government to raise the fund out of their activities, it would be the best thing a real animal lover can do.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Half-Blood Prince
I was too busy to come online or post something for the last two days, as I had been busy with my job. But still I could find some time to finish reading the book 'Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix'. I have finished that one by 4:30 am yesterday, as I was afried I had to give that back to my friend at 8:00 am. But he is yet to collect from me, as he is on a tour. And now I started the 6th of the series, Half Blood Prince. The book seems to be intersted from the very first chapter.

A bit about the 5th book 'The Order of the Phoenix'. I don't know how to describe its influence in readers, How we feel to Professor Umbridge is the main example, and I reckon it was not enough what she got, what she deserve.

If you don't tell anybody, I'll let you know how I was silly with fear as I went out of the house at 3:30 am. I was reading The Order of the Phoenix and went out for something, and I startled for a while thinking I have got no wand with me, and I forgot defensive spells against Demantors. Actually this is a good example for how J.K. Rowling succeeds as a writer.

I would like to wind it up with a URL Just do visit it.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Harry Potter and Me.

I have 16 hours to read and 430 pages left with me. The 5th book of Harry potter series­—The order of the Phoenix— has been borrowed from my friend and has to give him back by tomorrow morning. I am damn busy to read it. (Actually not at all busy, but I am in front of a computer connected to the Internet, So, it’s obvious that I could not pay any attention to that book)

Then a bit about Harry Potter. I thought at first it is children’s literature, and paid no interest to read it. But my brother gave me the first book an advised me to try, and I went through the same, and it was then, as I read that, I came to know that, why the people running behind it. It was that much thrilling and I completed up to the fourth book and now reading ‘The order of the Phoenix’ the 5th of the series.

One more thing, which is essential to say that, ‘The Law of diminishing marginal utility’ does not work in this book. The Law of diminishing marginal utility states that, as a person increases consumption of a product there is a decline in the marginal utility that person derives from consuming each additional unit of that product. But in the case of Harry Potter Series, each of the books give more and more thrill and satisfaction.
Information Security: Bird Flu Alert
What is Bird Flu?
  1. Avian Influenza, also known as Bird Flu, is an infectious disease of animals caused by Type A strains of the influenza virus (H5N1) that normally infect only birds.
  2. Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Taiwan and Pakistan have reported outbreaks in chickens, ducks and wild birds.
  3. Infected wild migratory fowls are thought to be spreading the virus from location to location.
  4. Symptoms include high fever, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain, pleuritic pain, bleeding from the nose and gums.

Human infection with H5N1: So far, most cases of avian flu in humans appear to have resulted from contact with infected birds-such as breathing in dust containing bird faeces, from contaminated surfaces, or from ingestion of uncooked or undercooked poultry or poultry products. Of the 139 people known to have been infected with avian flu as of January’06, 71 have died-a fearsome mortality rate.

To prevent risk of getting infected

Avoid close contact.

  • Maintain distance from live chickens and ducks, even to ones that appear healthy. They are the major source of the virus.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick. When you are sick, keep your distance from others to protect them from getting sick too.
  • Avoid contact with items or surfaces that may have been contaminated by birds.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when coughing or sneezing. It may prevent those around you from getting sick.
  • Washing your hands often will help protect you from germs.
  • Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • All food from poultry, including eggs, should be cooked thoroughly.
  • Seek prompt medical attention if symptoms like fever or difficulty in breathing or cough persists.

Rajmanikyam version of Widows Xp launched as 'Thalley janaala XP'

Some commands used in that

  1. save:-rashiradey appy
  2. save as:-ianganey rashiradey appy
  3. save all-appy dey ellarem rashiradey
  4. paste- yeduthu chambadey
  5. run-oodi thalladey machuu
  6. cut-pizhuthu kaladey machu
  7. search-thappi nokkadey appy
  8. exit-irangi podey pyley
  9. open-twarakkadey
  10. shutdown-appo machhu sullan
  11. system busy-Thalley kalippukal theeranillalaa
  12. systemerror-yevan puliyanu kyettaa... kalipsss.......
  13. Registry Edit (regedit) - Moda kandaa edapedum annaa...
Blah... blahhh...

It's 1:50 pm, I'm alone online in Genius Soft, My favorite café in Perinthalmanna. I am looking for somebody online, but yet to get anybody. Rahul was online today morning, and after he got signed out, I found no one.

This is very funny to keep posted in blog page. Absolutely it's an online diary to me. I can inscribe anything and at anytime. Just as talking to a beloved friend.

It's very hot inside the café, but thank god, I've got at least an individual fan in my cabin. But I started to starve, but I can go for food only as Ansar come here, because I am in charge of the café today, that's how I could browse the net absolutely free. But I don't think it's a time waste to be here for a whole day, until I feel bored with Internet, and it's obvious that I am not going to get bored with Internet or Computes. That's why my friends call me "Virus" sometimes.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Along The Life

They went along to carry off
the grin belong to their own bloom

They trolled along to carry off
the grief belong to their own soul

They plough along to carry off
the belch belong to their own belly

They dug along to carry off
the drought belong to their own throat

They ran along to carry off
the time belong to their own days

They leave along to carry on
the genes belong to their own race

They halt along to carry off
the faults belong to their own way

They prayed along to carry off
the sins belong to their own life

Then rest along to carry off
the stress belong to their own doom..!!

Friday, March 03, 2006

The True Friendship ( I Miss U da...)

A thought it was an everlasting relationship between people who were kept in mind some sort of equalities and tied up with an invisible string of love, that couldn't be snapped by any reason, and could find some time to find some time to be in touch with; whatever the circumstances may be and should have a tendency to share the grieves in between. It should not be a manifestation or mere correlation of two, but there should have a correspondency. All these were my view about friendship earlier, but as I came through the real life, I found it's contradictions was really exists.

It's as simple as a street speech to say the relationship should be strong and unbreakable. But in the flow of life who is getting some time to spend for others, and who bothers to share there grieves with others? As the life taken as a challenge or a game to be won, even very seconds we spent with others sharing all these and taking care of words spelled in a rush may worth a lot. I'm not for an argument with dreamers. But in fact, the word friendship works out only there, where is only a mood of happiness and stress free hearts exists, not in a place of grieves or pangs. Thus it proves itself that the friendship is for the celebration of events and victories, not for the sharing of grieves or loss.

Just think, who will have some time to keep in a part of other's problems and sadness, and what is really sadness? It is nothing but the lack of power to came up from falls, or the incapability to face the life with a positive mentality. As we accept the life packed up with ups and downs we are acquiring a power to face our loss and victories as equal—with a smile in lips— and takes necessary steps forwards to get up from the failure; not to bother friends as waverers. Leave them their own way and we have our best time with them, as we me meet our goals, or relaxation from the stress on way. Let the meetings for sharing the joys added with the flavor of wit, instead of thinking you loss your friends in rush of life or they are busy to take care of you, or even they are selfish in their way to spend their time with you when you are in problems. Then you will never feel like they avoid you.

I am not advising you to think in their part, but you can understand it by thinking your own stand, just by asking a few questions yourself. Instead of telling your pangs to your friends, could you ever find some time to be a part of their problems? If the answer is ‘Yes’, you are having a good friends circle and there will have no reason to say you are missing your friends, because many of us likes to keep in touch with such a friend who cares our problems and advising and leading us to a right path. Contradictorily, if your answer is ‘you have your own problems to solve or share’, it is obviously understood, why did you felt loss as your best friend said last time he / she was busy to chat with you, that you are just interested in manifestation of your problems but not interested in others’ situations. As you think yourself as a big loss, you feel yourself a sort of hero image. But your problems are only yours and if someone gives interest in it, you have to understand that it was his investment to gain something out of you, because even you pay no interest in others’ problems.

How long you think about others? If you can answer sincerely, you could understand yourself, to get attention or frame yourself was all your need and not with an intimacy or love with your friends, otherwise, you should have to understand their problems too, instead of cursing them to missing them.

I miss you da…

It’s a recent trend among youngsters to send SMS like “I miss you”. What lies in these words are not the intimacy at all, but the sender’s mood of laziness or lack of jobs to do. It’s only then, when we are all free from assignments, we are thinking of others and ‘missing’ them. If you are filled up your minutes with assignments how can you miss others? How can you get time to think of your friends? Thus the feel of ‘missing’ is the devil of your own soul. That devil gets you only into troubles. You gets forced yourself into the thoughts like the meaningless of life and such sophisticated feelings of dreamers. That gets you nothing worthy, but despondency and lassitude. Instead, if you could expel your ill feelings and perplexities, and being occupied with your business, you can find your heights and thus you will get your friends’ attention and intimacy automatically, because as like you yourself, your friends are also like to be happy and if you tries to feed them with your pangs, they will feel their time with you as waste as they are also tired with their jobs and looking for relaxation. Now onwards, drive out or gulp back your devil inside you and keep a smile in your lips and a bit of wit in your heart. Then onwards your friends and frame will come to you and you will miss them no more.