Sunday, March 05, 2006

Blah... blahhh...

It's 1:50 pm, I'm alone online in Genius Soft, My favorite café in Perinthalmanna. I am looking for somebody online, but yet to get anybody. Rahul was online today morning, and after he got signed out, I found no one.

This is very funny to keep posted in blog page. Absolutely it's an online diary to me. I can inscribe anything and at anytime. Just as talking to a beloved friend.

It's very hot inside the café, but thank god, I've got at least an individual fan in my cabin. But I started to starve, but I can go for food only as Ansar come here, because I am in charge of the café today, that's how I could browse the net absolutely free. But I don't think it's a time waste to be here for a whole day, until I feel bored with Internet, and it's obvious that I am not going to get bored with Internet or Computes. That's why my friends call me "Virus" sometimes.

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