Thursday, March 16, 2006

The increasing number of street dogs in Indian Cities.

I would like to invite your attention towards a major problem that has been faced by almost all Indian cities, that is nothing but the increase in the population of street dogs. I would like to point out four things, firstly, the reasons of increasing population, secondly, the dangers behind street dogs, thirdly, the fundamental fights of street dogs as well as human beings.

The main reason for the boom in number of street dogs is nothing but the protection they are enjoying from animal lovers. In the past years the Government or Corporation was able to kill the roaming dogs to protect general public. But now a days they are well protected by associations. If any of the dogs hurts by anyone -even if it is a person or Government authority- the association come into seen and reacting. This is admirable for an extent, as they have also fundamental rights to live and survive, but it would be better to consider the public security also.

Most probably these dogs seems to be harmless, but in late nights they become violent and attack the people. A major part of these dogs are infected with various epidemic deceases and if they carry viruses such as Rabies the situation should be very dangerous.

The two wheeler drivers and pedestrians are more suffering from them. It is very common that some dogs bark towards the pedestrians or follow them. If a two-wheeler caused to ran over a dog, injury to the driver would be very serious and it will also very pathetic to see a street dog carrying a broken leg or a smelling wound and getting no medical support to them.

As I mentioned above, being a living thing, they have also have their rights to survive. To kill the street dogs is not a solution, instead there should be a considerable atmosphere produced for them to live. In Trivandrum city, the corporation took a different step to tackle the problem. The corporation dog catching team catches the roaming dogs streetwise and gets them to the nearest veterinary hospital where they went through a surgery to prevent further reproduction and give them anti-rabies vaccines. After curing their wounds, they get them back to the same place where from they caught. I think, it would be a better step to prevent the problem and if the Government or associations could look after these dogs for their life left instead of getting them back, it will be a better move. But as it demands a lot of money, a local Government could not handle it. There is the role of animal lovers and rescue associations lies. Instead of mere street speeches if they could come forward to help the Government to raise the fund out of their activities, it would be the best thing a real animal lover can do.

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