Sunday, May 20, 2007

An Epitaph

This is another story I wrote when I was in 12th. Found it from the same old notebook.

These red and white flowers caused to germinate from them, and the first drop of water was her tears. They have to tell a story related me.

It begins in a shiny day, I was in a railway station waiting for my train to my home town. The train was too late and men and women were so impatient. At last the train reached the station and the crowd rushed towards it. There had no space for a pin point in the train. I thought for a movement that the luck was with me, because I found a seat there. I rushed towards but just then an umbrella –an extraordinary one, white cloth with red flowers– placed my seat and a skirt usurped it. It was a long journey about seven hours, so I began to imagine the age and beauty of that lady, just to prevent my boredom. 'To imagine', because I couldn’t see her face, as the crowd rushed me into the darkness.

After that I came across the same umbrella several times, but I could not see the possessor. Every time when I saw it, there will be some losses to me. But infect, I was always searching for the same. The week and months were displaced for years. That was a rainy day. The city was so disturbed with the crowd. Because of the an unexpected rain, people and vehicles were impatiently rushed towards their destinations. I had to cross the road but I got wondered for a movement for, I saw the same umbrella among the crowd. It was rushing towards me as if she was longing to reach me, and I tried my best to trace her face out and.......Oh! Ohh... Sorry!! I can't tell anything more, because a vehicle, I think it was a bus, ran over me. But no one noticed it. Even I got it to know from an evening news paper.

At last she came to visit me once, with a handful of white and red flowers. She scattered it on my tomb and the tears rolled over her cheeks and drop on the flowers… Then I could saw her first time. She was beautiful! Very beautiful...!!!

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