Monday, July 28, 2008

How to make her fall in love with you

You have the swankiest car, but no one special to take out on a long drive. You are the most good looking bloke in your neighbourhood, but no one to appreciate it. You have been to the best restaurants in town, but no one to share the table with. You get the premiere tickets to all the latest flicks, but no one to take for a movie date. In short, you have everything going for you, except the one who makes your heart do a somersault everytime you see her! Chill! Its all about polishing your techniques and you will have her in your arms and that is a promise!

How to make her fall in love with you
By Arya Rai

Stop pursuing her: Do your friends actually have to fold your tongue back into your mouth every time she passes by? Sheesh! How do you ever expect her to pay you any attention!? Buddy the trick is to act all cool and aloof in her presence and you will have her hovering around you. Pay too much attention and the chase gets tougher with her running even faster. Act like you don’t care whether she is coming or going. Turn a blind eye even when she’s looking her hottest best, difficult but stick to this. You will soon see the results. But hey, don’t give in too soon, make her earn your attention.

Get groomed: This one isn’t about visiting the salon every 15 days. Its about dressing right, having a regular shower, wearing a deodorant at all times and not wearing the same tee Monday to Sunday! For more tips on grooming

Master that look: Women quiver in the knees when a man looks deep down into her eyes. Take it from me, I speak on behalf of all my sisters out there, who are collectively disgusted about guys who think their body starts neck down! A woman loves it if a guy pays attention to her face, passes an unusual comment about the mole above her lips or the twinkle in her eyes or the angelic curve of her bow shaped lips…got the idea?

Mark your focus: When you are talking to her, let the whole world be damned! There are innumerable scenes in movies, when the world around freezes or goes into slo-mo mode when the hero locks eyes with his gal. You have to do exactly that, make her blush with your gaze and perfect this art. You have do it everytime you see her, chances are by the fifth round you will be doing that in her dreams!

Be a good listener: When she talks, listen. Ask encouraging questions. Pass flattering remarks. Act like your life depends on her story. Respond with feelings. And when you are talking to her, ask for her opinion, and show that you value them. After this her phone bills will rise…you will be on her speed dial!

Be Mr Popular: Try and be a ray of sunshine in your circle of friends. Women love men who are fun to be with and who can make others laugh. Be the life of parties.

Learn to play the guitar: Enrol in a guitar class. A cute guy walking around with a guitar is romantic balm for many girls. And if you are good enough to play the guitar at parties, you will have a lot of hearts waiting to ensnare you! Believe me you, A guitar is one of the best babe magnets around! Singing comes a close second. Singing soulful numbers, provided you have the voice for it, melts the toughest female heart.

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